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My photos from Sat LMFAO are up

The photos I took myself this Sat are up on line, Wingo should have the photos he took with my other camera up on line soon. Hell be putting them up in a separate folder within this folder. Link is here> http://techcrypt.smugmug.com/Meets/Lake-Murray-Furry-Anthro/1414/i-4s269Pm Some of the photos t…

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My Sat PS photos are up on line.

My 1088 photos from last Sat PS are up on line. Sorry it took me so long to upload them, with my new camera the file size is twice as big with 20 mega pixel photos. I'm going to have to resize the photos from now on because of my slow ISP connection. http://techcrypt.smugmug.com/Meets/Prancing-Skil…