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lonefoxlaughing / Genderfluid/Genderqueer / Somerville, MA

Nothing is impossible.
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Monsters, Doodles and Cons, Oh My!

My friend noodletown has been drawing monsters lately. You should check them out! Soft, curvaceous colors on beautiful linework, just sayin'. > w < Plans for Anthrocon are beginning to solidify, congeal, and otherwise gestalt into a delicious whole. By the powers of kitaronicus carpooling and popro…

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Updates: Hardware, Cons, and SNOOOOW

I am still LFG for Midwest Furfest! I am seeking carpools and rooms! I'm still looking for a carpool to Anthrocon, but I may have secured crash space. Hurray! Carpools I am seeking would preferably originate from the Boston area (I'm a Massachusetts fox), or an area accessible by subway or commuter…

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People, Things and Stuff!

Cross-posted from my other homes, Holmes. B3 So! LFG Midwest FurFest! XD Also possibly looking for people going to Anthrocon this summer, though that's less of a definite because of a potential trip to see friends in Maryland/Delaware I'm also trying to plan. If you, or anyone you know happens to b…