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general update

My first convention was amazing, and not only am I going to make every attempt to go next year's Tekko, I am absolutely going to Anthrocon 2015! :D My happiness is incontainable. Chances are, since I live as close to Pittsburgh as I do, that I'll be either arranging or joining a carpool for each da…

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TEKKO 2015

News! I'll be milling around this Saturday and Sunday at Tekko in Pittsburgh. I'm going with a group of friends, but personally I'll be there for the costumes. It's very unlikely that I'll be in full costume myself, as this is my first con, but I might break out the hooves anyway. So, if anybody el…

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Happy birthday!

Siriously, best wishes on your birthday, George and Fred! This world wouldn't be the same without you... both... Oh. Oh.

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minor technical difficulties...

I've been sitting here for the better part of an hour, doing my damndedst to get my tablet, card reader, and SD card to all get along, but they's just havin' none of it. Tonight's mass upload of all new content is getting postponed until something works, or at least until I go to the library. Proba…

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eyyy luvs

Hullo again, Weasyly lads and lovlies! You might have noticed a distinct absence on my part, which is due mainly to my working 5 days a week regurarly now. Paychecks! Yes! This means that I finally have spendable money for various upcoming costuming projects, many of which I'll be posting progress…

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mobility issues

News! I'm not dead got a job starting up a shop full'a neat things with bff lady wow PC went funky, bought a tablet PC and am back online I do not like typing on a touchscreen tpos are rampant likr nobody's buisexeness Not news! I'm not wearing any pants avocados are delicious