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What the crap?!
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Opening Commissions slots here too! MAIN SLOTS OPEN! 2!

][u]The Daily Boreness...[/u][/b] Gonna Open commissions slots here to in weasyl as well :D! Got slots open! Now with more art options :D!! First peeps to comment below my journal will get them! [u][b]PAYMENT IN FRONT BTW[/b][/u]!! (make sure ya read the prices too! ) [u][b] COMMISSIONS PRICES![/b]…

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Hellos Peeps! Been a long while again since i wrote here! Just letting ya know that i gonna be posting another batch, so ya been warned! See yall soon :P

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Close ups are once again 30$

Seems 10 bucks more does make a difference. So the CLOSE UP SKETCH COMMISSIONS for Stream are once again 30 bucks! Well, there's nothing to say, gotta make a living.

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That's all for now! uff!

Well that all for today i guess XP! There's still some pictures that i'm deciding what to post, profile and character and such! Stay tuned!

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Oh wow!

Surely this site looks hella good! Love the design!