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Nonbinary (they) / Louisiana

Commissions: Open
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leaving probably?

i havent posted here in a while and honestly i get a better response on FA! im super overwhelmed with having to post on 5 or so art sites (which is causing me not to post at all FROM being overwhelmed) so im going to be keeping the ones that work best for me https://w…

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commisssions open

theyre still 100% open! i can do sketches to full pieces. prices currently start at 10 dollars an hour (to help you with the example sheet when you follow the link) i specialize in anthro and feral but i also do human! heres a link to all the info i may accept…

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i got an instagram???? ?/ ?

uHHHH low quality wips and cropped finished products will be featured HECK YEAH!!11!!!

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flight rising registration today!

guys if you like dragons, pretty art, overall nice communities w/ websites, and DRESSING PRETTY DRAGOS UP flight rising is definitely something you may want to consider. ever see me post wAY TOO MANY DRAGON BUSTS? yeah i draw those for dragon money on fr.../snorts/. anyway im pretty sure registrati…

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for a couple of weeks ive been busy with school+exams but tomorrow is my last one so im finally free of the stress ; w; in other news i have 400 submissions to view and favorite / w\ and my drrawing hand is throbbing as i type from carpal tunnel. it's hard to even hold the mouse (maybe that's what…

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submission pileups and weeping bepps

i havent been up to looking at submissions/art lately and i just. 140+ submissions to look at and fave individually. iiiiii cannot fathom how this happened. this takes me a long time to go through since my computer is sub-par geez

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tablet position?

i always ask artists this because i find it really fascinating?? how do you draw on your tablet (if you use a tablet/tablet like that)? do you put it in front of you? in front to the right/left? in your lap? with the height of my desk i have to have it on my lap! feel free to comment below im rly c…

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25kt flight rising sketch commissions limited timeframe

kind of cross-posting this everywhere i need some dragon money i dont really have the time or patience to grind for glowing embers so it looks like i’ll be opening up quick dragon doodles tonight (8/27) only! (i'll probably make exceptions for tomorrow since it's getting late) i hope to not spend o…

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Mobile Weasyl + Sick

Has anyone checked out the mobile version of weasyl because?? I can actually use it extremely efficiently on an old ipod with no crashing? It has all the features of the website's desktop version I'm rly impressed!! Don't even need an app. I've been checking up on a few things from mobile because I…

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anyone up for a character-for-art trade

oh gosh i was really thinking about maybe doing some art for someone that designs characters and they could trade me a full character design ref (with all rights to it given to me) or something for it after i finish my last commission? im not the best at making characters. or at least physically de…

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Flight Rising Art Shop OPEN

finally set up my art shop on FR. If you play please feel free to commission me! I take the site's currency