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That day

One year older... one year bigger...~ Hmm ^^ Feels ok i guess.

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Illness status and upcoming

I've been suffering bronchitis for a few days, so am pretty much totally laid up on heavy medication. Doctor said i may be able to go back to work friday since my fever finally broke, but we'll have to see how effective I am with all these medications in my system. Doing fine, dont worry. Just havi…

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Character design

Every so often I get a message from someone (usually a note or an IM) asking if I stole my character design from the artist Fathips on FA... The answer is... definitely not. I've been around a long time, and this character is more than two years old now. If you were to poke through my furaffinity g…

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My mind doesn't work in the same ways as other people. It's worth repeating this. This is why misunderstandings happen so often, for which I am sorry. I try my best, but it still happens.

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Dumb brain

My brain is really kinda working against me today. I've got that... you know that feeling where it just seems like you're kinda neglected and unwanted, and no-one wants to talk to you? Yeah, that one. I dunno what it is really. Just now I looked at my contact list. There's so many people, most of t…

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Pardon me if i seem quiet or distant or cold or whatever for the next little while, there's been a death in the family and i don't really know how to feel right now.

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So here i am

So here i am on Weasyl. I like some of the ideas of the site, and although I think it does need some work on some aspects of its user interface and usability, it really is a breath of fresh air. Not abandoning Furaffinity or anything, not any time soon, but cool to have a new crowd to hang out with