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Post 18 Months of Hell Update

WELP I sure haven't posted much for a long while. If you follow me on Twitter you know I'm not dead but the reality is that I certainly haven't been active for a very, very long time. Fortunately, that is changing. I have loosened the cork that was holding me back from getting anything done and I a…

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Denfur Post Con Report

Where to start? Denfur was our best con ever. I am proud of Mao for how well she is running our business, and I am proud of Treble and crew for how damn well run that con was. It's not our first time pulling a profit on an out of state con but it was our biggest gross ever and that feels validating…

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TFF 2018 After Con Report

TFF 2018 was a blast. Seriously, I can only remember a couple of conventions I have enjoyed on the same level, and they both had specific aspects to them that made them great, as opposed to an overall good experience at TFF, hanging out with friends every night, having raunchy good times, and doing…