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I'm back!

I haven't been on wesyl in forever! Mainly because my main computer broke down so I had to use my parents laptop for a few months, but I just received my new laptop today so I plan on getting on a lot more!

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I want to build a circle of friends on this site. I've got my circle on tumblr and skype and so on, but since I'm new to weasyl, I need people to chat with. We all have a common interest on this website and I want to share my interests with other people. Shoot me a message and we can chat ^^ - LeoT…

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Feed me.

Feed me. Feed me. Feed Me. Feed Me. Feed Me. Feed me Feed me Feed me

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Shanke'n it up

Got myself a Banana,Strawberry and Mango smoothie. Sittin' watching American dad with my best friend. This is the life. Wish I could post pics, but I don't have my camera. PM me, I'm lookin' for some new friends :3

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Lyric request

I need your help! I'm thinking of recording original music. The only problem with that idea is that I'm absolute trash at writing lyrics. So what I'm asking, if you send me some lyrics that you want made into a song, via PM, I'll see what I can do Topics - really just anything as long as it isn't a…

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My lucky day

Weasyl isn't blocked on my schools wifi. It's weird because almost everything is blocked on it. Well I guess that means I can browse through my daily dose of furry art while I do nothing at school. Hurray~