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Hi there, quick message. I'm a bit aware of this collection feature the site have. I already posted a lot of pictures but didn't send any collection offer yet. I'd like to send them to the people they belong but i'm not totally aware of who's on weasyl and with what pseudonyme so... If you happen t…

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Thanks and sum up (whoops, long post)

Man i wasn't really expecting this. When i left FA for Weasyl i thought it would take like, far more time for me to find an audience that would follow me there and all because i don't really feel like my art is that touching... you know, i'm not always sure about what i want to express in my pictur…

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Finally, i'm here !

Hi there everyone, So, i finally finished to transfer everything on Weasyl but with a little extra from what i had on FA. Though i'm not sure if i should post like, sketches or w.i.p on differents folder as i don't really want to spam the submissions post too much. I somewhat miss the "sketchbook"…