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Because of sour ex-husbands, I am forced to move to a new page :3 Here it is Don't worry, I will be making sure that I get all of my information/images moved by the time this page goes down. Thanks for checking me out and possibly keeping an eye on my work ^--^

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When things get busy...

…I end up forgetting to do a lot of things. Sorry about not updating in a while, guys. I have been swamped by the drama llama and let's just say that despite there being nothing but tension and defamation of character flying from a former member of my household, things are getting better and back i…

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Fantastic News, Everyone!

General Update; The M'urica Independence (day) sale has been closed as of Saturday July 6th, 2013. Except for the commissions request before the aforementioned date, all commission prices have returned to their normal amounts. To clarify, the commissions received between June 29th and July 5th will…

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M'urica Independence Sale!!!

All cell shaded, sketched, inked and flat colored images regardless of detail with the number of characters under 4 are all 5 dollars. [This sale will last from 06/30/2013 - 07/05/2013] So get em while they're still on warm from the grill with a beer (figuratively speaking lol).

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Moved in N' Stuff

I had finally gotten all my stuffs moved to the new place and we are settling. My birthday went, well, how they usually do with grown-ups Lol My daughter gave me her cold for my birthday, a few other unpleasantness occurred, but there were still awesome stuff that happened for my birthday like gett…

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Moved in about 70% Got the internet running and the electric won't be switched to my name until monday. Sorry that I'm not going to be back when I stated, I figured that most of the things I needed done would have been done on time, but that's life, right? Big thanks to those that helped us!!!

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Sticky Note For You!!!

Hello, Artists and Art/Porn Fans! I figured that since I had posted this information on other art sites Where I post my stuffs, I would drop it off here, as well. Activity Update(s): *Back from Involuntary hiatus *Opening Art Requests(Weekly limit of 10) *Serious Art/Gallery/Style/Presentation Over…

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Padron My Page >.<

I... just got here and stuff. In a bit, I am going to have this in tip-top shape :3 Thanks for all of the loves (faves/follows) I appreciate it ^--^ That is all! *Poof*