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Birthday Sale!

Hey all! Since I'm turning 30 this month, I'm having a 30% sale in my shop! Enter code "HAPPY30" at check out and receive the discount off your entire order. This could possibly mean free shipping for some :D You'll find a variety of prints in my shop, so if there was something you wanted, but miss…

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CaliFur Wrap Up

Back from another successful con <3 Didn't get sick, met lots of amazing people, bought my first piece of original art, and my honey and I celebrated our unofficial one year anniversary :D <3 CaliFur is always a small con, and this con felt a little weird (quieter than usual and just a generally od…

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February is off to a crazy start!

Sweet zombie jesus, here we go! crookedwolf and I are looking at places to move in together starting this week :D We'll be picking up apps and checking places out around Northern California, though no city in particular. We just want a nice house that's quiet with lots of light to make into our own…

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My Life Lately

Sweet zombie jesus, I haven't updated here properly in AGES X_x I have been mega fucking busy, and thus a lot of my sites have gone quiet, or just had quick updates here and there. I'm finally on a self-appointed vacation after wrapping up Further Confusion the other weekend. Things have been going…

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FC 2015 Meme!

Arrival and Departure: Wednesday through Monday morning Staying at: The Marriott Sharing a room with: Le boyfriend <3 Who will I be with: Mostly Bay Area furs and le boyfriend, but also anyone else who is awesome that I happen to meet there :3 Fursuit: Nope! How best to find me: My table in the Dea…

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MWFF 2014 Meme

Where are you staying? Le Hyatt What day are you getting there? Thursday evening @.@ I didn't time my flight very well XD;; How are you traveling? Le flying ostrich Who will you be rooming with? Amenophis & FJ McCloud, both Bay furs :D How is the best way to find you? I'll basically be at my table…

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CTNX 2014, go!

OMG IT'S THREE DAYS AWAY @.@ I've been working on it non-stop the last few months, and now the con is finally here! GAAAAH. I shall be in the main hall (Hall A) near the demo area (CTNers Live) at T-99 with my buddy Nicola Hwang (http://fairygodflea.deviantart.com) visiting all the way from Singapo…

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Etsy shop updated & upcoming cons!

Hey guys! My Etsy shop has been updated with new & renewed art prints available in sizes 8.5x11 and 5x7 inches. Check it out here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/duckysshop I shall be attending RainFurrest this year, though I won't have a booth. However, I plan to try for the Artist Alley, so people wil…

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BLFC Badges!

Hey guys! BLFC is coming up fast! @.@ I wasn't even sure I was going until recently-ish, so I missed the chance to get a table, BUT! I am indeed taking BLFC badge commissions! :D You can pick them up from me at the con, or I can mail them to you beforehand. Either comment here, or e-mail me! Exampl…

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FC 2014 Badge Pre-Orders!

Hey guys! I have THREE SLOTS available for badge pre-orders! I will not be taking badge commissions at FC. I will, however, be taking sketch commissions at the con, just not for badges. So if you would like a badge from me, speak up now! I'll be taking them through the end of the year, but once Jan…