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KyliaWoof / Female / Boston, MA

Kylia \ Coyote \ Purple \ Trans Lady \ She-Her \ In love with ~junius \ Drum and Bass \ Whiskey
Commissions: Open
Trades: Open
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Fursuit is Finished!

I know i'm ranting about this but i'm so happy that it's coming! If you would like to see it, you can find a link Here! I would repost the pictures but I didn't get permission to do that yet so I figured it would be best to just link to the source first. I'll post many pics once the suit arrives! :D

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I'm so excited! My fursuit will be shipping out monday morning and I'll hopefully have it on Wednesday or Thursday of next week! I can't wait to get it and post a bunch of pictures aaaaaa SCREAMS INTERNALLY Thanks to Spirellity for the partial! I'm super excited!

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Switching to here as my primary art place

Finally moving away from FA, sick of all the drama and the extremely limited capabilities for me to post my tunes without compressing them to shit or having to post a 10 second clip to avoid going over the filesize restrictions. Currently working on moving all of my watches over here, might cull my…