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Kumotogi / 28 / Female / Sleeping

Mama, there's a devil inside me
Commissions: Open
Trades: Closed
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Hey Guys

Man, it's been a while, kinda forgot the site existed, my bad. Gunna cram some new art in here!

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So good news

Got the apartment and the loan I asked for from my bank, i just gotta find a place to hang out for a week 'n then i'll have my loan money and will be able to move in to my new home~

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Design Contest?

I'm still thinking about it, but would anyone be interested in doing a design contest? I would just be trading one of my designs for yours though, I don't sell things, ( being too lazy to get a paypal )

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Theres this cool site I found!

Check out my collection on @NeonMob. Come collect some unique cards made by people all over the internet and make your own cards yourself!

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Hey buds~

Come 'n chat a bit with me at the Dollars website: my name on there is Kumotogi, chat name is Lets Chat