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Commissions open, Help an artist in need!

Commissions open, Help an artist in need! by Kubora, 11 seconds ago Journals / Personal Hello, everyone I need your help with paying rent and feeding myself, as you may or may not know I live with my mother and don’t have a lot of money coming in to help with rent and if we can’t figure out a way o…

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Dusk to Dawn: Update

Hello everyone, You may or may not know about the comic I was working on called Dusk to Dawn that I recently put on hold and what is going on with it. I wanted you all to know I am scrapping the story and rewriting it entirely so I have a story I can work on a little better, and in the mean time I…

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Happy Birthday

Today was my birthday, and it could have gone better I feel, but oh well. I wanted to give a quick update on things whilst I'm writing this, Dawn to Dusk is on hold and will be uploaded slower than usual due to a patreon bot thing which really ruined my motivation for the comic, and drawing isn't s…