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Korozjin / Fluid (He / She) / Texas

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Emergency commissions open!

I goofed and let my bills get ahead of me, so I'm willing to work for as little as a dollar an hour on these to get the money I need. Want a character theme? Now's the time to get it! I will open for two slots, maybe more if I actually get much interest. Timetable on these is two weeks and maximum,…

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Ringtone Commissions - 12$

Hey guys, I'm throwing this out there: I'm opening for ringtone commissions! Made one for a friend and we both liked how it turned out so much I decided it would be fun to try and do more! I'm also offering discounts if you want multiple ones for yourself or if you want to buy several for you and y…

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Commission auction spot for my work?

I know not everyone can afford the prices I charge (because the fact is I'm charging at a rate of about $3/hr for several dozen hour's work) so I thought I'd at least offer a tiered auction where my prices are curbed a bit because I, like everyone else, need income. Here's what I'm thinking: Simple…

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I'm really excited and a bit nervous, gonna be a lot of big things happening. I'm playing in Fox Amoore's big rock concert at ~9pm on Friday night. I think it is one of the livestreamed events. Gonna be driving up to Dallas on Thursday for that. IF YOU'RE GOING TO BE THERE: note me and I'll see abo…

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Q: Where are you staying? A: The plizzace. Q: When will you be arriving and leaving? A: Thurs - Sunday I think. I'm arriving early thursday to rehearse for the Epic concert that I'm guitaristing in with Fox Amoore and a few other talent-on-legs people! Q: Who will you be rooming with? A: Q: Where w…

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Commissions / Projects

Well, as it so happens I've fallen on some kind of shit luck and I need to cover some overdrafts to one of my accounts thanks to an auto-billing that I didn't know was even in effect. I do custom guitar effects pedals as well as things like circuit bending and, of course, music and audio commission…

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Greetings! Also maybe upload spam?

I think I'm going to be moving here for good. As sad as it makes me to have to state that's what's going to have to happen, there you have it. Anyways, be forewarned that I may be upload spamming / crossposting my gallery to get it up to date.

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Everywhere I go...

I'm fucking haunted by diaperfurs. Seriously it never stops. I'm glad there are tag filers on this site but apparently I didn't even have them set up right the first time because I still kept seeing diapers every fucking time I came onto this website, but especially on FA.

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In which people make an ass of themselves by pointing fingers

This is going to be a journal about politics, internet, and -gasp- 'religion.' Preface here: It's the internet. Frankly, your thoughts and opinions don't really mean dick, however, your influence on other individuals does. Don't let your bigoted views sway those who hang on your words because they…