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Koori Highwinter / 28 / Male / Sweden

It's the details that makes the picture.
Commissions: Open
Trades: Sometimes
Requests: Closed
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I got a Playstation 3! NFS: Rivals, SC:V, SSX and more!

Well, I got my PS3 last Christmas but for a while now (about three weeks) it's been in reparation because of some software/hardware wonkiness, but now it's all good, fresh start with saves ('cause no PS+, ugh, getting that later on~♪) aaaaand I haven't really got anybody to play with. Even though s…

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That about the new Smash Bros.?

They just so happen to have introduced two characters tonight that shall be playable, and one of them, I'm absolutely crazy about. They added GRENINJA. HOMIGOSH. And I know it's been a while since I appeared here through journals, apologies for that, not a big user of any journal-writing, but I hav…

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Hooboy, FaceRig seems really awesome. <3 Weeeeeeeell, for the sheer sake of its awesomeness when it comes to the upcoming feature of making your own character appear in it for you, it is going to be absolutely awesome if it pulls through! Go help them dammit, it looks real good as it is and will l…

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I be open for commissions!

I have finally opened for commissions and there are five slots to be filled! Read through this and/or the stuff below this journal on my profile and send me an email or PM if you're interested, I'm up for drawing almost anything!

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Faux Paw Fashions - Giveaway!

So, Faux Paw Fashions is having this real neat giveaway of some cool furry merc,, namely of their furry hats and hoods. I'm so gonna get some stuff from them soon enough, especially of the glowing collars. <3