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Kium / 26 / Female / Savannah GA

I just really like rabbits.
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Hi Weasyl!

I'd like to thank all my new watchers and apologize for flooding the front page/ inbox. I honestly keep forgetting about updating Weasyl and then posting a selected group of stuff from my FA. Speaking of which! For all the new watchers, if you like my gallery ( which I also must say thank you for )…

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Conventions for the next year

So far what we have scheduled ( me and my roommates) are: Anime Weekend Atlanta 2013 Furry Weekend Atlanta 2014 AnthroCon 2014 We will be staying all weekend at all of these, and you can recognize me from my suit if you come :3 At AWA I will be in my cubone pokemon card cosplay on Friday and suitin…

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AC 2013

I'm sorry I've been neglecting this site so much so here's some news. I'll be going to AnthroCon this year! woot! I won't be in the artist alley however, I'm not very fond of their system. Also, I'll be opening for commissions in June but only for large commissions. Shaded pieces and shaded with ba…

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FWA 2013

Hey guys! I'm going to FWA this year and I'm really exciting. It's going to be my first large furry convention although I've been to multiple anime ones. I should be suiting. Most of the time I'll be hanging out with the lovely Blarm and rooming with two of my great friends here at SCAD. If you see…

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GUIZ. I DID IT. 50k!

Oh my gerd. I can't believe it. X_X I did it. I finished and "won" Nanowrimo. I have exactly 50,000 words. Of course I wanted to make the very last word the most important word/title in the entire story. Of course the story itself isn't over, I'm probably only halfway through. I'm wearing my Nanowr…

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Nanowrimo trophy: 20K!!

Today I reached and passed 20k words for Nanowrimo. I'm really surprised I got this far, I'm approaching half and on good timing. My roommate and I are doing it together so it's really interesting. She got a little far behind a while ago but crapped out 3,000-5,000 words a day and is now caught up.…

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Hey Weasyl!

Hey, just finally got to work on my account. Made the profile all pertty. I like the Weasyl layout. I have no idea how actice I'll be on here. Especially since Nanowrimo is coming up this thursday and I'll be participating. Yup.