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t-Rose / 33 / Eastern PA

Commissions: Open
Trades: Sometimes
Requests: Sometimes
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So, I find myself in possession of 64/100 blank postcards, my art stuff, and time... I've been sending them out with sketches to anyone who asks. Can be a pet, a character. favorite animal, or just colors and words and shapes. Can't promise quality, but it's something to keep me busy since my brain…

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Furthemore 2017

I haven't gotten around to uploading them here, cause I'm not sure how picky I want to be about which ones are worth sharing- but pictures from the con are up here! ZooBall as I've nicknamed it was my favorite thing to watch and pa…

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New Scanner

I finally got my hands on a wand scanner, so I can get decent scans of things from sketchbooks that otherwise wouldn't sit right on a flatbed, or things too big for traditional scanners I'm excited! Expect to start seeing art replaced with decent quality and probably some new stuff next month (mid…

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Practice Slots

My old tablet bit the dust, and the new one has slightly different sensitivities (aaaaand I may have discovered some other neat brush sets...) so I'm gonna open for some discounted commissions- $5 or more, digital sketchy colors. 1-2 characters, bust or full body. I'll get them done in less than a…

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For the moment, if not for good, I'm giving up on FA. Just... Meh. Not worth explaining why, just that I am. SO! Hi to everyone following me anew from over there, you get to see con photos again! And a BIG HI to ppl who've managed to somehow just find me here. ^^ I love attention, give me comments…

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ANE 2016

Clench your buttholes, kids, con photos INCOMING...! More are on the way- but weasyl cant read the way the photos got auto-oriented. << Need to go fix them first...

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Stuff and Things

I've been going thru a rough patch in my head lately- a lot of anxiety, depression, and various Other emotional and mental hiccups. Work as a retail/grocery wage slave hasnt helped at all... Nor has the time change. Or various other little things in family circles and the future... BUT. Im starting…

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Almost Half Thru the Year Already... Wow.

Staying busy, getting back into sketching, and attempting to actually color some things... That's been nice. Really nice. Feeling like I've perverted some people close to me? Also kinda nice! I think it was in a good way... Either that, or they finally trust me and are comfortable enough they decid…

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I finally got my scanner working again! I got MUCH cleaner and more detailed versions of my most recent art up, so if there's something you liked before... Go look again. ~^^~

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I didnt get to see some ppl Id hoped to spend time with, didnt get to spend as much time with some as Id have liked, but overall was still a good time. I regret nothing. Photos are bieng uploaded both here and FA, but I have no good way of marking where Ive put what, so there will likely not be ove…

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First off, for anyone who cant go, or doesnt know what furpocalypse is, STILL have yourselves a happy halloween/All Saints Day/hallows eve/samhain and/or samsain! I can only go because of the charity and awesomeness and determination of friends. Im lucky, I know it, and if someday I can help other…

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Furry ABCs

I had a thought out of boredom (and spending time with kidlings again) that it'd be fun and cute to do an alphabet book... With my friends' characters/Sonas. Because really, we're cartoon animals. Who DOESNT like cartoon animals with their alphabet?! So... Thats what Im gonna do! Slowly. Veeerryyyy…

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Thats About It!

And that is pretty much everything Im going to bother putting up for now... Anything new I do will probably make its way up, and if you want to see more or some of my older stuff, you can find me on FA ( ).

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I generally hate trying new things. FA was my intro to the furry fandom, dA was my intro to at galleries, and I've determined that I dislike dA because of the update and commercialism of it. So I was very skeptical and hesitant to even acknowledge Weasyl as a thing for a time... But I decided to gi…