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Kit Sovereign, the Anthromorphic Kangaroo / 29 / he/it / Fargo, ND

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Hey, let's try to use this site again.

The only way to get people away from FA is to stop using FA. For various reasons I don't feel especially comfortable uploading there, so let's try to fill this gallery out. I have a wide variety of things between "stuff I've posted to FA but not here", "stuff I've posted to Twitter but not here", a…

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I really wanted to make Weasyl work, but I don't think it's panning out

Of the artists I follow here on Weasyl, I can think of maybe two that don't also just crosspost everything to FA. The site's great and I wish it well, but if I'm going to post everything to two galleries, I feel like I'd be better off having the second one be Tumblr instead. Is there anybody here t…

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GB-Style Pixel Icons! $8! (Open)

It's a long weekend and I could use the extra scratch. Who wants icons? They'll look something like this: https://www.weasyl.com/submission/1092246/pixel-grid 4-colors limited palette; 50x50 resolution but blown up to 100x100 and 250x250 for your enjoyment. $8 a pop! Hit me up wherever! Let's work…