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Kitar / Male / Texas, US

Meh, what doesn't kill you, blah, blah, blah.
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Ring Sales

So, as I posted on FurAffinity about a week or so ago, I have been making rings out of wood. I have made the first batch done and they are ready to be bought. What I have left are as follows. Unstained Sizes | Amount 6.5 | 2 7.5 | 2 8 | 1 9 | 1 Stained Sizes | Amount 5.5 | 2 6 | 1 6.5 | 1 7 | 2 7.5…

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So, I found that an artist I watch (Jasmae) has switched over to using an app called PostyBirb, and I figured it would be an easy way to get my art out to the websites that I am on. You can find me on the following: FurAffinity Weasyl InkBunny(due to some friends not liking FA) SoFurry I am mainly…