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There is no such thing as normal
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The weekend has arrived. Where do sketches go?

Where do sketches go in this gallery? Do people even want to see sketches on weasyl, ornis it aimed more towards finished peices? This is a question for fellow artists, as well as watchers. I am still getting used to this website's format and appreciate the fedback.

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Collaborations Uploaded + Collections of Kigs Art

Dear Internet, I have finished uploading all of the collaborative pieces that I had on my computer. It's mostly a few collaborations with Greencat and Leptailurus from a few years ago. There's some good stuff in there. I'll upload some of the art that people have drawn, "Of Kigs" tomorrow and send…

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Art a day

Dear Internet, Alright, so I'm going to upload art on here one piece at a day, in no particular order. I figure that will keep it fresh and avoid having it become suddenly overwhelming. Does anyone know how to link to url's or to other Weasyl users on this thing? Is there some kind of BBC code? Tel…

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Alright, all of the cool kids seem to be migrating over here. WHERE ARE YOU GUYS?!?!? Post here so I can add you.