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Kennin / 27 / Male / Texas

Trades: Open
Requests: Sometimes
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HIATUS: Month of June

Hey everyone! First I want to reassure everyone that everything is just fine. I’m not in any trouble or distress, I’m not leaving forever or doing anything drastic. Second, I’m going to be taking a semi-hiatus from most of the sites I’m on until the beginning of July. This is because I’m going to O…

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This is one amazing raffle, you guys. Just look!

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Praise The Lord

I think I'm actually going to pass this class. Things are really looking up.

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Get to know me meme thingy

I can't do formatting so fuck it. What's your real name? My name is actually really, really unusual. It’s unusual enough that if someone I knew visited my FA or Weasyl pages they’d know it was me. It’s somewhat similar to Kennin anyway, and I already push it as far as keeping my weirdness hidden fr…

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First journal on Weasyl

They were right. This site is very, very good. If there's one thing in particular that I feel the need to praise, it's the site's very good mobile version. THIS SITE HAS A MOBILE VERSION FRIGGIDDY FRIG YES. Thank you that is all.