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Kauko Firetale / Wolf / Seattle, WA

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Late run for FC2016!

Originally when planning for FC I decided against it due to travel this month (December) but now looking at things I realized most of those expenses happened months ago, so I should be able to afford FC. Also it turns out I already registered as a sponsor in like, May. So. Now I have a room and stu…

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MFF 2015

Since it's happening in about a month, wanted to mention I'm going to MFF. Rooming with elanna indicoyote and phoenix-d! Will be there Thu-Mon like usual.

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PS4, Destiny, and unrelatedly, life

First up, I'm getting a PS4 for the collector's edition of Destiny: The Taken King today. If you have a PS4, especially if you play Destiny, send me your PSN name! Mine is AndrewNeo (surprise!) I'm switching from Destiny on XBox One so I'll get to re-level my character. Also I'm going to Rainfurres…

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Moved to Seattle

I've moved to Seattle a week ago! I have a lot of reasons, but I'm hoping things go well here. I'm up near Northgate, working remote for my previous job. So I'll still be flying back to SF occasionally!

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FC 2015!

It is almost time for FC once again. I will have both my suits and hopefully will find enough time to wander about in them! Hope to see you there!

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MFF 2014

I am going to Midwest Furfest 2014! A lot of the people that I usually see at it couldn't make it this year, so people need to hang out with me! >:c

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ESG 2014

I am attending ESG 2014! Will be in town late Thursday evening to Monday afternoon. Who else is going?

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Get to know meme

What's your real name? Andrew! (durf) How tall are you? 6'3" What's your natural hair color? Brown What's your eye color? Brown What's your orientation? What are birds? We just don't know. What do you do in your spare time? Internets. Also helping make Weasyl better. What's your job or occupation?…

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Batch upload!

I've uploaded all of my art from FA. I still have to go through and fix descriptions and tags, but all the art is here now too, at least!