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Well, Hello my lovelies!

Just a greeting to all of you who followed me from FA and those who have recently discovered me! I love you all ;w; somuchyouhavenoidea! I'm slowly migrating this way and pulling away from FA. FA's more than likely just going to be where I post my commissions. My personal work can be found here and…

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Hey guys! Just an update!

Just figured I would explain the lack of posting ANYTHING the past few days. I've been really sick ._. This is the first time I've actually been able to get out of bed, and it's really difficult to sit at my desk. :< Hopefully I'll be feeling better soon, and I can post more artsies!

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Hello, everyone!

Hey guys who followed me from FA! Welcome! <3 I'm glad the link is working now. Hahaha ;w; Anyway, YES, here I am. :3

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WOUH Submission flood!

So, I found this thing called WaxPost. @__@ It made moving a few of my images to my Weasyl gallery so much easier. So yes, sorry for the sudden flood! XD

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I know it's been forever and a day that I've used weasyl, but I'm getting tired of FA. I highly doubt I'll have the same userbase here that I get over there, but still.. It's quite frustrating when my business is halted thanks to bad coding. @__@ *whines* I'll try to use Weasyl more often.

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I keep forgetting I have a weasyl since I've been working on commissions hard core lately. That, and my donation comic that's helping me where commissions aren't. ._. I couldn't have payed my bills without the help that comic's given me. So uh..YES. I'll try to bump up my gallery with recent art he…

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WHEE! Inactivity. Sorry, I've been busy trying to do commissions, and I've not even submitted the ones I've worked on. Not to mention, the stress of having to move from one state to another. Turn off utilities, get a van, change insurance from one state to another, open a new bank account, change t…

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That moment when

That moment when your friend finds out that you're planning to move out of state, and suddenly you're the bad guy who ditches them. *sighs* I'm always the bad guy in this relationship.

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So I just figured out how to use the journals....Derp. 8D Yeah, I've been lazy with my Weasyl account..I should probably stop that crap ;n;