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Kamakru / 37 / Seattle area

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Fell behind, but still throwing art here, DCC

Hi everyone who may be reading this! I'm sorry I haven't been much active, I'm so far behind on things here. I can honestly barely keep up with my main art pages as it is (FA, ArtStation, DA) so here, Tumblr and Drawcrowd get kinda left in the dust sometimes. I will try to submit more often here, I…

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Commission Announcement!

Hi everyone! You might have seen a few updates to the gallery with a few more Inktobers from 2015. I'm trying to catch up but I don't want to submit all 25 remaining Inktobers all at once and flood ya. I'ts been a LONG time since I've officially opened for commissions so I thought a little bit of a…

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2016 Convention Schedule!

Hello all! I know I haven't been around here too much so I figured I'd pop in, submit a couple things and announce my 2016 convention schedule (so far!). There are 3-5 more conventions that may be added to the list but I won't know about those until later in the year. As far as artwork goes, I have…

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Rose City Comic Con Portland!

Hey all, so this weekend is Rose City Comic Con and you will find me there in the artist alley! I'm near the middle at table P4 I will have both loose and matted prints, printed cosmetic bags and also copies of the "Sketch & Ink" art book! Hope to see you the…

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Nan Desu Kan Denver!

Hey all! So tomorrow I will be packing my bags and the car to hit the road for Denver! I will be selling my wares in the Artist Alley at NDK this year and am excited to debut some brand new prints. For anyone that regularly attends NDK, about 70% of my prints will be new to you since I wasn't able…

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Holy shiznits you guys the new thumbnails are AMAZING!! This site has instantly gained about 1000 points from me, you've no idea!! Finally viewing images on other's pages without close, horrible cropping is gone, and we can see all those details on artworks that previously had to be cropped out. LO…

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2015 Convention List!

It's time I let you guys know about my extensive fall plans for conventions! I've been a busy lady, and will be even busier come September. >8D Nan Desu Kan: Denver, CO: September 4-6 Rose City Comic Con: Portland, OR: September 19-20 Steamposium: Seattle, WA: September 25-27 Jet City Comic Show: T…

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Etsy shop closes tomorrow for Emerald City Comicon!

Hey all! So while getting ready for Emerald City Comicon this coming weekend, I am taking inventory and will need all the time I can get to finish doing the last minute things before I head down to the convention. This means that I will be closing the Etsy shop on Monday! ALL original art, prints,…

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Bad Gateway?

Anyone else having trouble submitting anything new because of a 'bad gateway' error?

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Now Taking Commissions for February!

I'd really like to not re-format everything to fit here lol You can see all the info on the following two places: DA: FA: Slots are limited! =]

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$5 Poster sale, Redbubble, and 2015 Conventions!

Hello all! I realize I haven't been too active here and an update is much needed. Just two weeks ago my contract ended with my job and I have decided to go freelance full time! What this means is I will be doing more conventions, taking more commissions and updating much more often in general =] To…

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Do you guys want adopts? +uploading art

2nd time posting this journal - it really glitched out the first time o_O I usually only post adoptable auctions on FurAffinity, but it seems like the site doesn't work a lot of the time. I have an adoptable auction that will be going live on Saturday - should I post it here too? You may have also…

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Kumoricon Portland!

Hi everyone! So a month after getting a rejection letter from Kumoricon artist alley, I recently got a letter saying that I actually DID get a spot! So holy cow, I guess NimbleBun and I are going to be selling at Kumoricon at the end of August! That is, as long as nothing crazy gets in the way of u…

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Where I am, and what's going on as far as here

Hi everyone! First I want to say THANK YOU to all of my new watchers. And then...I want to apologize to all of my watchers. I haven't been active on here really at all since my last journal. I have applied 18 filters to help make my browsing experience better, and although it has greatly helped, I'…

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Is this a fetish site now... just another FA? =(

I'm really disappointed in the direction this site has taken. I won't lie. I've noticed it lately and then a friend brought it up to me tonight and that pretty much confirmed my thoughts as of late. I guess I didn't want to admit it but...well there it is. I can open a browse page here and on FA an…

Kamakru’s avatar is Dead! No more website =(

What. The. Hell. Everything is GONE. From their Facebook page: "No more CGHub Sad day. Project CGHUB is officially closed. The reason behind this extremely tough decision is personal and will remain private. It’s absolutely not connected with business or any kind of technical difficulties. On behal…

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Does anyone do traditional commissions? - Found!

Thanks guys! My artist has been found =] Do any of you, or any of you know who still takes traditional commissions AND sends the original artwork? I've been kinda looking around for a while now for someone who will do traditional and ship, and with a style that catches my attention. Also, a lot of…

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NDK Denver / Conventions in Seattle area?

Usually this would be a journal of ecstatic, run-amok excitement announcing that RinAvenue and I would be in the artist alley at NDK this year - but alas, we didn't get picked in the lottery. It's actually the most fair system I have EVER seen for any convention, but with a record number of applica…

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Links to where you can find me

Hello everyone! I might as well throw it into a journal since I'm sure people are not exactly checking updates I make to my profile lol. But here are links to other sites that I am on. I know that I haven't been too incredibly active here as far as submitting new art, but I do come by to check on m…

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Adoptable auction ends tomorrow night!

Acution ends Friday @ 6 p.m Pacific Time Click here to see the current design available So sometimes I do adoptables. By sometimes I mean generally once a year so not at all that often lol x] I've been dedicating most of my art time lately to BFRGames, so normally the little time I do have goes to…

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Almost updated! What's next?

The Gallery Thanks for hanging in there guys and taking the steady flow of my DA gallery into this one! There are only maybe 2-3 more pieces I'll be adding and then the gallery is all caught up! Future Art Unfortunately after that, the art will be a lot slower. I am indeed working on art though, it…

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Cropping Thumbs, friend requests, & Get to know me!

I'm rolling this into one for the sake of your inboxes! First, to address a couple things: When you're cropping thumbnails The square thumbnail option has it's good uses for sure (maybe for mature content and such), but I personally am not super fond of it, especially when it's hard to get a good c…

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Hello everyone!

I created this account a while ago and it's been sitting pretty quietly for a while - that it until things started heating up elsewhere! You know where... ;) Anyway, thank you to all who have added me to your watch lists! It's a great pleasure to see you all here, and I hope we can share in some aw…