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I'm back

My iPod died thus I can upload art on my computer as I'll be using it more be prepared for a lot of work as I haven't been here in quite a bit (cough year ago cough) however I' here now, again, I'll be spamming lots of art asap

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Art help

I’m wanting to make a new Gemsona based on my new worry stone but everything just comes off as a sapphire rip off. Would any fanartists out there be willing to help me? #stevenuniversefanart #StevenUniverse #gemsona

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May there be an update

First and For most I'm so sorry for being MIA for as long as I have it wasn't intentional. Now that I'm married I have to forge a new routine for myself as well as share my laptop with my husband as such its been tricky for me to post here but fear not I have Ten to Twenty four pictures to post and…

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Wedding Hiatus

I have 13 pictures and possibly more before the month is over that being said I won’t be posting till late March early April I’ll still be drawing even if I’m not posting I’ll be unable to post and even my art will go on Hiatus for two weeks in March I just thought where I posted most had a right t…