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Kaffee / 28 / nb / country roads, take me home

it's-a me Mario
Commissions: Sometimes
Trades: Sometimes
Requests: Closed
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UPDATE 07/05/2015

Updated ToS | FAQ |Information journal. There are fullbody colored sketch commission slots available starting at $15.00USD. A friend is selling a Furcadia OC/alt with tons of art. The permanent free art journal has been removed. I will not be posting another one. All future free art posts will be t…

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Tos | FAQ | Information

CONTACT FurAffinity | Art Blog | Personal Blog | Regarding Payment 1] Payments can be made at any time prior to receiving finished work. 2] Commissioner will not receive finished work until payment is made in full. 3] A rough sketch (at the le…

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Wing-it Freebies?

Post references below. Primary interests: Male Nude/minimal clothing Furry/anthro Complex/interesting designs

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Free Bases!

Free base files are up!…

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The thing about December that we forgot...

Copying this from Luthien_Nightwolf I almost didn't read it, after all it's incredibly long. And my first thought was that it'd be some rant about God and Jesus. It's not. Please read it. If you want to read it on the page itself, the link is here:…

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A shout out to Weasyl

For a bang up site with Full resolution images That thing where I can play music on the front page (seriously, that's so cool) Folders Collections Followers AND Friends Journals on the front page And all the other cool stuff For human mods with humility and a sense of responsibility that didn't try…

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Savrani Info ...stuff

Just gonna dump here what I typed to Typos and all ;;;;; Will tidy it all up later. ~*~ Firstly, Savrani are tribal/clansy not in the barbaric sense, they just like to stick to similar types When two types have babbies (they lay clutches of 1-5 eggs) they will likely give birth two either mixed or…

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Open Species

Since I'm not currently making adopts of my own species, and am unsure if I ever will again. I am opening all of my previously closed species for public creation and use. I will be providing bases for a small fee. The same rules for the species still apply. I will provide a summary of rules below e…

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This is Important, Guys

(A journal I just read got me thinkin'...) If I ever get anything wrong on a commission for you Please PLEASE Let me know. DO NOT be afraid to be like, "Uh, Sylphy, you totally fucked up the left wing." You're paying me to draw this correctly. I won't get mad (as long as you're nice . u.) and I won…

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Tail-o-Scope Species Information

Tail-o-Scopes are a mammalian species that, at some undetermined date many years ago, inherited a hostile parasite which has been passed down through their generations. While the original name of the Tail-o-Scope is unknown, it's current name has obvious origins. Tail ToS sport a long, prehensile,…

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Eshinari Species Information

Eshanar - singular. Eshanari - plural. Eshanarian - adjective. Physical Features: -Males are smaller than females -Males have longer fins and tails than females -Males have brighter colors than females -Females do not have breasts (they do not breast feed!) -They are furred and finned (no feathers,…