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Kabash / 25 / Non Binary / USA

Blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb
Commissions: Open
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Weasyl help

Okay so I am finally coming back to this site. I'll be uploading things soon but Im having some trouble with my characters that I've already uploaded. I cant edit their thumbnail picture or their submission picture and its.....very strange Any help would be appreciated :)

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Rio Raffle

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Art Raffleeeeeeee

You all need to check out this raffle. They are amazing and so is their artttttttttttt

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Mochi Plush Commissions Open (Closing August 25th)

Mochi Plush are round circular balls based off of your sona/character. They do NOT have legs. They CAN have ears, tails, custom faces, and some other things. They start at the MINIMUM $20. This includes small ears, small tail, round little eyes, a little nose and ONE base color with ONE accent colo…