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JoshCat / Scruffcat / AZ

Commissions: Closed
Trades: Sometimes
Requests: Closed
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Get to know me thing

Guess I'll give this a go. What's your real name? Joshua! How tall are you? 6'4 What's your natural hair color? Dishwater Blonde (ew) What's your eye color? Sky blue. What's your orientation? Mostly gay~ Are you single, taken or undecided? Single. What do you do in your spare time? Play games, work…

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2013 in short summary

Lost some friends. Gained some better ones. Strengthened the friendships I still have. Played some good games. Made, and released a game on IOS with some friends. Figured out I don't want to work on games. Worked on some pieces I'm really proud of. Got better after getting really sick back in 2012.…

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Commissions Closed.. for now!

When I opened up for bust commissions I figured people probably wouldn't be all that interested in them, but I was wrong! I really appreciate everyone who's shown interest in my stuff, whether it be a commission, a trade, or just commenting on and favoriting the stuff I post. It means a lot to me!…

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3D Bust Commissions Open! [Closed]

Slots: 1. In progress. I have this posted over at FA with 3 slots open, but if more people show interest here I can open up more slots. In addition to the full 3D character, I'm also offering a cheaper, shoulder high bust of your character. Fully textured, with 1 or 2 simple accessories (Anything c…

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Commissions, Trades, and General Info

Mostly posting this as a few people had contacted me about such things, and it seems like a good idea to put something up in case. Commissions Anyways! A fully rigged, textured, and posed character model will run a base price of $100. That includes the model, a couple simple accessories, a pose of…

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Made a proper banner!

Hated the pic I had up there, so I decided to be not lazy and create one that I thought would fit decently on the page.

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Hello there!

Just throwing up some of my renders. Trying to go from oldest, to newest to hopefully show a progression. Hope you enjoy!