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Bex / 24 / Demigirl / Delta, PA

*confused noises*
Commissions: Open
Trades: Sometimes
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Commissions open, I need $80 really bad (discounts inside!)

Hi guys!! Pls help! For $80 I'll make any combination of four $25 badges/pieces! this includes my large headshot badges, 10" full body badges, and full-body shaded traditional pieces!! PLEASE HELP!! Promo/pimping appreciated!

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I'm almost out

20-something school days left then I can graduate and go to college hallelujah I just need to get the hell out of high school

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so the other week I got into the college I wanted to go to right? today guess what came in the mail a freakin $21,000 scholarship That's more than half the tuition hhhaahhh

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Hey everybody!

I'm officially all set up here, ready to go! Whoo! So, hey! For those of you who don't know me, I'm Becca, but my main sona is Hana Kitty. I love to meet new people!