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Technology yo

I got a new scanner today! <: It's all setup and ready to go! I work this weekend, so I probably will not be drawing much to scan until Monday, but still, new art soon! =w=

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Pruning and Postin'

Hey guys. :3 Just an update, I've pruned up my gallery here a little bit. Got rid of some of the rif-raff to make room for when I start creating and posting again. In the meantime I've also been cross-posting some of my stuff over to my FA. So if you prefer FA for your porny/furry browsin', you can…

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Still Settlin' I Guess?

Well, still kind of making my home here in Philly. Working in an ER until I get my spot in the Fire Academy. Haven't drawn muuuuuch of anything since I moved. I don't even know if anyone with an active account still follows me here! ;w; Next week I'm getting another scanner. Not a super fancy one,…

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I moved! :3

Welp, I no longer live in the mountains of NC, this lil' ol bear has moved to the big ol' city! Philadelphia! I'm excited because being a paramedic here is a lot more rewarding and challenging, also less casual racism. :3 As I get settled in I'm hoping to draw more! Maybe the change of environment…