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Commissions Open: Trying out to streamline things

Hiyo~ I'm taking commissions, and am trying out something new to make this process a whole lot easier. No more dealing with the restrictions and lack of buyer and seller protection of PayPal. I'm using to organize my queue, give all information about my types of…

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Gallery Scrubbed of Dongers

I've decided that I'd like at least one of my galleries to be free of explicit artwork, so I can link it to people who don't necessarily want to, or who legally should not see it. I picked my Weasyl gallery for that purpose. Anything on the far end of the NSFW spectrum has been cleared out as a res…

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I'm doing indie horror Let's Plays. :D

Clicky Clicky! I had been thinking about doing some gaming videos for a while, and decided to give it a try. :D Please have a look if you have a few minutes to spare.

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Updated Commission Info + Telegram Stickers!

My profile info is now chock full of handy info for anyone wanting to commission me, including my current commission queue, a link to my updated price list, and more. I'm also offering a new commission option! I'll now do Telegram stickers! They'll be in this style:…

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On Farting and Screaming! I mean... Arting and Streaming.

So I do art, yep. Some for myself. Sometimes a commission here and there. I should probably do more art than I do. (I should definitely do more art than I do, I know.) Some of my favorite artists and fuzzy people stream, and they do so frequently. Pretty much every time they make art. It almost see…