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Freebies by Mei5683

Mei5683 is offering a few freebies. They do fantastic work so go check them out and snag one if you can! ^^ https://www.weasyl.com/journal/69586/oh-hey-guys

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*Input requested* Gauging Auction Interest (FA Repost)

I've been kicking around the idea of Win a Night With or YCH style auctions but I wanted to gauge my watcher's interest. I know my watchers on FA like the free art raffles I run from time to time but there are limits to the raffles as far as personal funds, availability, and types of pics. With auc…

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Need some ideas... Penny Guin

I have been thinking about getting a pic of my synthro girl Penny. Trouble is I'm having a hard time coming up with a scenario as well as thinking of an artist that would work with her since a lto of artists that I've seen won't touch mech style characters. I haven't decided if I want a clean or ad…

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Rp Rules and Guidelines

This is long overdue but better late than never. In case you haven't noticed in my profile, yes I do rp. it's fun for me and helps keep my writing skills finetuned when I lack the time or inspiration to pick up on a story. However, in my experience with rping here on Weasyl, I've found that it is p…

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Character List (Updated 10/21/14)

This is my official characters list. It contains my two fursonas, all the characters I have created, and all my adopts. ----- FEMALES----- Arianna (Ferret-Dragon Hybrid) SFW Ref NSFW Ref Atia (Tiger) Ref Pic Bethanie (fox) Ref Bobbi Blu (Pony) Ref Pic Cassidy (Exotic Feline) Ref Celeste (fox) Ref P…

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All done!

Finally finished cross posting from FA/IB to here. Going forward I plan to keep all three galleries up to date. Next project (which has a much lower priority thank goodness) will be migrating some of my important journals over. I'll be doing this in spurts so there won't be a massive flood of journ…

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FA's Down so making a back-up page

Since FA is down and seems to be taking forever and a day for the site hosts to relaunch the site I figured I'd go ahead and start migrating my works onto here for a back-up. Going to take forever and a day but at least it gives me something to do for a while. Not moving here permanently, just maki…