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Jakadelle Corven / 32 / Somewhere in Limbo.

Commissions: Sometimes
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Art Fight 2018

Art Fight 2018 is upon us! I'll be here for the next month! Come and join us!

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Icon & Headshot Coms! [OPEN: 13th to 14th]

Anyone interested in some commissions? - 150px/300px Icons at $7 USD each eg: - Headshots at $12 USD each eg: I will be doing ferals and furries! I will give mech…

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I think I worry too much on whether my art is... uh. Appealing? Wanted? But I keep being reminded- That my art is good. That my art is great. Keep doing it. And I just thank

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$20 doodle that'll be streamed? [ PLZ READ ]

Anyone interested in a $20 doodle that will be streamed? Might take like 2-3 slots on this or something. They'll be roughly this style. Or better. Or experimental. Ju…

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here's a serious proposal (iron artist)

//birb!Jak enters with a business suit and a briefcase //hands you one single sheet of paper Iron Artist Proposal; $15 per image 100 images, 1 (to 2) per day No sketch previews, literally one shot (corrections can be requested) Art stream: for every piece? / can be requested? (+$$$ maybe??) Anthros…

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Happy New Year~

May this 2015, be amazing. And not terrible. Also, open for Commissions. TOS / Workload List And should Weasyl go down, you can find me in these other places. FA / Tumblr / ( madjackdaw [at] gmail [dot] com )

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2015 pricelist is up!

My first weird pricelist is up. TOS / Workload List And should Weasyl go down, you can find me in these other places. Weasyl / Tumblr / ( madjackdaw [at] gmail [dot] com )

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my real motivation???

You know what? I could do commissions on the base motivation of getting games. Yeah. That's motivation enough for me alrighty. Heheheh Any objections?

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oh yeah.

I'm 24 today. Waheyyyyy No presents to myself this year. Ah well.

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mass upload, done!

There we go! All done! As I said before, hopefully in the future, I'll post here just as often as I do on my FA. So I guess that's something to look forward to! Main Tumblr: Art Tumblr: FurAffinity:…

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brace for a mass upload!

Apologizes watchers! I'm here to update my gallery and, hopefully in the future, I'll be posting here more actively. Thank you for bearing with me! Main Tumblr: Art Tumblr: FurAffinity:

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and done with the mass upload.

I believe... I'll keep up with my uploads for January. Other than that, I'll be down to mass uploads at the end of the month.

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mass uploads on missing artwork

Just a heads up for anyone active on Weasyl right this moment. Apologizes on the mass uploading. x'D And, I'm gonna change it up use both DA and Weasyl more often. At the end of each month, I'll bulk upload all the artworks I've posted. In a way, it's better and not totally sad when I leave my othe…

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neglectin' weasyl

Yep. If you're like more on-time updates or even to check if I'm still alive- Tumblr - FurAffinity - Other than that, have a lovely day~

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... For my inactivity. I've been pretty... Uh. Occupied. Other than that, I'm moving to Bangkok on the 31st of March. I'll pick up on art and possibly commissions when I'm there and settled. Probably do some game recordings. Heheh. We'll see.

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Hey, you new followers-

I love you guys. Yes, I do. Thank you very much for following me! /for whatever reason you did that. /pokemon or not.

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Merry Christmas gais!

Just a journal wishing everyone a lovely Christmas, however you celebrate it. c: 2013's gonna be amazing. ... First thing I'm gonna get is either a Fez or a Plague Doctor mask.

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hai Weasyl!

Hai there! Jak here. Recently got my account and stuff here. So I'm still trying to figure out what to submit here. I might consider submitting my (forever hidden) written works here, along with art of course. Probably more of my own works, instead of petsite things? If you came here to watch me fr…