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To the void, and beyond!
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Banner Animated

I would like to give you a humble spotlight to akitary for doing me such a magnificent banner for me here on Weasyl and he have done it in a way that came out even better than I imagined! However the basic image on the left was taken from one of my previous artwork as he recommended me using it fro…

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A familiar face is Incoming!

Hey everyone! I would like to announce you some nice news! Who have been following me back at FA, probably know already about that, but who haven't, and totally new on this, I would like to provide a spotlight to one of my collaboration with of his soundtrack: Rogue! I would just call it Incoming!…

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Docking Sequence

So it's about time to build out sort of an outpost here as well. I have had this account here for quite a while and I was way too lazy or unmotivated to upload my stuffs there. Now it's time to dock here and bring some of my artworks here. I would like to do it as soon as possible, however I would…