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Commission List

Here is a list of my current commissions and available slots. I only have a few slots available, as I don't like to make people wait too long! I usually get about one or two commissions finished a week. I now require payment before I start work on your drawing. So, when I get to you in the list I w…

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Commission Update (CLOSED)

Hey, guys, sorry I've been so inactive the last two weeks! I just started a new job irl and haven't had as much time to draw. I'm getting back in the swing of things now and am planning to get one or two commissions done this week! :) Commissions will remain closed until I get a few more finished!…

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Hey guys, sorry I haven't been very active this week! I have been in the middle of moving, so I haven't had much time to draw! I'm getting settled in now though, so I'm planning to get one or two commissions finished this week/weekend! Also, an important note! After I finish these 10 commissions I…