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The Full Unfinished Wanted Series list

With the 9th year anniversary of the first Wanted entry in a few days (the 8th of August), felt something was special despite the series having been put on indefinite hiatus due to a combination of other projects and a personal lack of interest in continuing it. I've explained in the past I've had…

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The Updates Strike Back

Wanted Series conclusion: For those who already know, the final (for now) entry in the Wanted series as been submitted. But rather than repeat myself for the third time in the whats and whys, thought instead of covering any answers people might have about it as a whole. As in, you all obviously had…

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Hey guys, have a few things to bring up, so without further adieu... Ongoing Commissions I owe: My apologies for taking so long guys, your pieces are still being worked on and hopefully will be finished soon. The reason for the delay is basically a combination of balancing projects and my depressio…

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Abandoned Ideas (Halloween Edition)

In the past I've gone over planned Victim Pages for the Wanted series that got scrapped for various reasons (eg. The (Lost) Wanted Series entires), but given this being the month of October, thought I'd share some Halloween-based ideas I had that just honestly never got produced for this page. 1 -…

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Favourite Girl Poll

Yeah, doing that pageant/poll thing as well. I don't have many, but I have an idea who the most popular is. Still, let's see (and apologies for not having any straightforward character ref/bios). Jenn -…

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The (Lost) Wanted Series entires

Bit of a misleading title, but done more to garner your attention. While I still have a few new entries coming in the near future, there was still some I never did make for one reason or another. Either deciding against it after thinking it over, interests in other characters, or just loss of inter…