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Invee / 34 / Female / California

Commissions: Open
Trades: Sometimes
Requests: Closed
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June Commissions. Need your help!

I will be accepting 3 full colored commission slots for the month of June. These first three customers will also recieve a 20% discount! Drop me a message here or email me at You can reference my front page for prices or email me for any further inquiry. If you're not inter…

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Oh, hey, hi!

Wow it's been forever and a day since I've posted a journal. Gasp! Don't worry, I'm still floating around in space somewhere :D I noticed that a small influx of you guys started following me these past couple days. Many of your look familiar from FA! Nice to see you again and thanks for following m…

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Moving in!

So I've made the decision to move some of my personal favorite art from my FA account over to here in an attempt to make myself comfortable here. I'd like for this site to be my main source for uploads instead of FA. I want to apologize in advanced to those watching me for all the impending spam of…