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Inkzap / female / KY

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update, woah

i honestly forgot i had a weasyl for a few months and i realize i need to update it real bad haha, sorry about tht guys. well i've done SO MUCH artwork since my last update here, so i wont upload it all at once. ill do it a little at a time so i dont overwhelm you guys. sorry about that~ ;w; ~INK

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finally finished updating

so my weasyl account is finally up to date with all my other art accounts, and i plan on keeping it that way haha sorry about that guys ;w;

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art flood

so im sorry for flooding everyones inbox with so much art, i honestly forgot tat i ad an account here for a few months and had a shit ton of art to upload, and i still have more, but im going to space uploading out between the next few days so your inbox isnt completed full of my art but im going t…

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Im opening 3 commission slots both are flat colour at the least and start at 20 but you can add 10 and get shading, and add another 10 if you want a simple bg ( grass/snow/etc. etc) they can be feral or anthro ( or human, i also do humans guys haha) The commissions will be similar to this Ex: http:…

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2 slots, 10 dollars

Taking 2 $10 dollar sketches similar to this it will just be a flatcolour piece though. first come first serve, comment if interested. If you tip, I will always add extra to your comm. and sorry for the inactivity here recently guys, I've been pretty busy a…

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happy birthday 2 me

It's my birthday!!!! I hope everyone has a great day, im going to eat lots of food and sleep in ~ UwU ~INK

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1 feral comm slot OPEN

okay so I have one slot open for a feral doodle like these: 10 dollars first come first serve, comment below if intere…

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get to know me meme

Hopped on the bandwagon What's your real name? Mackenna is my real name. but Irl i have many nicknames including fox, roo, ink, and inkaroo. How tall are you? probably around 5,8" or 5,7" What's your natural hair color? dark brown, almost black What's your eye color? brown What's your orientation?…

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Thats all for tonight. In a few more days I'll try and post more, sorry about the flood of art, I wanted to go ahead and get the bulk of it posted. thanks for those who followed me from my old account to this one, I appreciate it~! ~ INK

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just moved from...

Howdy folks, I'm inkzap, previously known as Inkfang. I just moved accounts from :iconInkfang: I'm going to be uploading art over the course of these next few days. there's allot. so be ready haha. ~INK