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[SURPRISE] And suddenly this place is much livlier!

well since FA is DDOSed (and Sofurry and Inkbunny seem to have the same problem) the only place to stay is mostly here... Even through I find it cool that here is some more activity I find it sad that the other pages had to be shut down to get this... Weasyl is always here, you know? Not just when…

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[UPDATE] A horrible... horrible time

Hello everyone... it has been quite some time since I updated something or even made a journal and I'm really sorry for that and I apologize... but I think I should tell you what happened to me right now and that I had made some decisions. The end of the last week was pure horror for me... on Frida…

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And again...

Well... if it wouldn't be for the third or forth time now I wouldn't write a journal at 3 am...but... I feel so angry at the moment I don't want to keep it to me now... I thought... welll... go with the time and make some upgrades... get some Windows 7 Enterprise... and well... hey I like the desig…

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[OPEN] Commissions

Yes I'm finally fully opening commissions - I know I said I first wanted to try it but... My father called like half an hour ago and told me that the police sent that ticket when I drove too fast on the Highway (well Autobahn in Germany, I think you know the term) - there were some roadworks and yo…