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Illusion Panther / Male / Reggio Emilia, Italy

Commissions: Open
Trades: Sometimes
Requests: Closed
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I opened a raffle for reaching 200 followers on my NSFW account if you are interested you can find it here: https://twitter.com/JedNSFW/status/1191801069698981888?s=20 ends November 11th, good luck and have fun!

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Commission Rules & Queue

If you want ask for a Commission, Send me a Note/ PM Example of reequest form: Commission Type: pencil-inked -colored Reference: Your characters reference, only Picture , no text sorry Pose : what you want in your commission The payment is before i start working. When we according about commission…

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Open Pencil Request

Today I open a new type of request. I draw only simple sketch with pencils, So no inking o coloring the draws. 1- only 1 at a time 2- not be rushed 3- not request guro/splatter or anything of disgusting. Send me a PM ITA Oggi apro un nuovo tipo di request Disegnerò usando solo la matita, quindi non…