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Patreon Pending - Day 2

Hiya, The pending process is taking longer than expected. Worry not the patreon will launch and we will make a proper announcement for when its ready. We certainly wanted to launch it properly and with quality. We appreciate the patience from all of you.

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Patreon Waiting Approval

Hiya, So with Patreon we are pending approval because we had to make a few alterations to our price guide. We actually dropped them from where we started so Patreon is pending approval on that. We hope to launch really soon but we can't give a confirmed time as it will be approved once we get an em…

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Week 2 Sampling

Hello, How were this weeks sneak peeks into the working of our behind the scenes efforts on Wild Harvest? Samples like this will be available on our patreon for all future projects but for this month we wanted to take the time and give you a thanksgiving taste of what's to come. Look forward to nex…

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First weeks of Samples

Hello, Thank you to any new watchers who have joined this past week. We will continue to produce content you will be happy with. As you have seen we are promoting a new Illuminaughty Patreon that will be active December 1st. You can expect more like this past week's contributions for the rest of th…

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Testing Our Posty Birb

Greetings to our supportive community.We are testing out a new system called PostyBirb.The idea is that with it we are allowed to actually do a massive post on all of our website simultaneously instead of just one at a time.We ask that you bear with us as we use the journals as a test to see how th…