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Reeby / Scotland

Trades: Sometimes
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Artslam 2016 - sign ups are a go!

Hey people! Sorry I've been inactive lately but I just had to try and give a boost to the awesome Artslam community over on Livejournal. The sign up post has been late coming this year so there's fewer participants than usual so far - but ti's finally up so come join…

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I've been so inactive, gotten waaaaay too many messages to handle (was drowning in image submissions) and so I've unfortunately decided to nuke everything in my inbox. x_x All the art I never got to see... ;n; But here's hoping I can keep on top of my message centers this time.

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Life Updates

I know I haven't been active lately but hopefully I'll get back into the way of things in a few weeks if stuff works out. I've been lucky though. I've managed to get a job in a games studio doing 2D animation. Today was my first day there. It all feels so surreal. I wish I could say more but I can'…

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Username Swap

I managed to get my username swapped with my old account (StarshipHyprole has become Hyprole) so I will be staying on this account after all - the one that's posting this journal entry Just in case there's any confusion over who this is. So nobody has to refollow or unfollow after all - unless you…

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Well this is awkward - A question for my followers

I'm gunna try some of the suggestions people have given instead. :) Basically I had an account on here before that I lost my login details for- I managed to login to it last night. I'd rather use my usual name of 'hyprole' for my art instead of this one. I'll probably be moving back over there desp…

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Ooops commission changes again

(copied from my FA) It's crunch time at uni and I highly doubt I'll be getting any more commissions done for a while. I might reopen them again at the end of the month - but nothing will be started until after the 5th May. Another thing is... I'll be revising my TOS and putting my prices up by a hu…

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Commission Prices Update

Updated my commission prices Thought it was about time I put the information into one place since I'm on so many sites.

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Kiriban Result

So I used a random number generator and the number was 5 so that means that won the free sketch. I'll send them a note now :D Thanks for participating guys! And better luck next time. :)

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Kiriban - Please Read

So now I've got 100 followers on here I was thinking of doing a kiriban thing - but with a slight difference. Basically instead of the 100th follower getting a free drawing I want to make it fairer for everyone who is following me by making this more of a raffle. So any follower who comments on thi…

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Character art trade, anyone?

I'm in the mood to draw/paint stuff other than my own characters so I thought that since I don't currently have any commissions I'd ask and see if anyone was up for a character art trade? Also I'm totally not fussed about people playing with the designs of my characters so if that's what you like d…

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Expressions and character performance

I'm sure most people have seen those expression memes based on putting a character into a specific scenario. This one looks like a lot of fun to do - totally going to try this If I don't end up finishing it though I thought I'd share since it does actually look quite useful for 'getting into charac…