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A Great Honour

I am both shaken and stirred to announce that I have been chosen as Guest of Honour at Fur the More 2019, to be held in Tysons Corner, Virginia, from 15th - 17th March next year. This will be the convention's seventh year, so the theme is Fur the More 007: Furry Never Dies. (I know. I can't think w…

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October 2016 is Furry Book Month

This October, we're raising the profile of anthropomorphic literature and bringing furry stories to a wider audience. The Furry Writers' Guild has joined forces with some of our fandom's great authors and publishers to offer special deals during the month, from free shipping and discount codes to f…

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Thank You

I’m over the moon to announce that my story The Analogue Cat has won the Ursa Major for Best Short Fiction. To everyone who read the story and dropped me a comment, thank you. To everyone who took the time to nominate and vote on their favourites from last year, thank you. You guys make creating th…

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Ursa Major nomination for 'The Analogue Cat'!

My short story 'The Analogue Cat', published in The Furry Future from FurPlanet, is among the nominees for Best Short Fiction in the 2015 Ursa Major Awards! I am really thrilled. I've been writing in the fandom for a good few years, and this is a first. A lot of short stories get published in a yea…

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Civilized Beasts

Civilized Beasts is a charity poetry anthology, with all profits going to the Wildlife Conservation Society. You can buy it in both physical and ebook formats. I contributed a poem, Sled Dog Cadence, which is, as the name suggests, a cadence, call-and-response song or jody call, huskies and other h…

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The End of the Beginning

When you take up karate, you imagine the black belt, impossibly far off, as the end of your journey and the pinnacle of achievement. Pretty soon, you'll be told that grading to black belt is merely the beginning of the real karate journey. Yesterday, I embarked on that journey. At the end of a seni…

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'A Blacker Dog' read aloud for you!

Savrin Drake (who narrates the audiobook versions of Kyell Gold's Out Of Position series, amongst other things) has recorded my short story 'A Blacker Dog' as a promotional teaser for the Inhuman Acts anthology! I wasn't sure an American accent would work for my story, which is pretty firmly set in…

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Further Confusion and The Furry Future

I was going to do the FC Meme, but large chunks of it are irrelevant to me. So, herewith the salient points! If all goes according to plan, I'll be attending on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday; I'm staying with friends in San Francisco and commuting in. I'll be with my partner, who has not only nev…

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Ebook: Learners

'Learners' consists of 'Mirror, Signal, Manouevre' (first published in Hot Dish from Sofawolf Press) and a bonus story, 'Baby on Board', featuring the same characters (which can be read here, though beware spoilers). The first story contains adult material, but the overall feel is more romantic com…

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On a miserable October night in the trenches, Captain Bentley Pringle ffox tries to bring his men together with a spooky tale from his cubhood: Jenny-Burnt-Tail... I have a story in Trick or Treat Two: Historical Halloween! I loved the concept of the first Trick or Treat anthology, which combined s…

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Barking Up the Poetree

I have a poem in Apex Magazine #61! It's free to read online. Also, it's furry. Also also, there's a photo of me in a scooter-print onesie. What more could you ask for? Afterwards

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Cold Scent

"My name is Dutch, and I used to be the best damn nose on the force." I have a story, Cold Scent, in Allasso #3 (free to read online)! It's about a genetically-engineered police dog who struggles to reassess his life after losing his sense of smell in an accident, and it's one of my favourite thing…