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howloween / Vancouver Canada

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Volunteers Needed for Howl

Good day folks! We're looking for folks interested in helping the event who might want to help out with departments like Social Media, Art Direction Lead, Marketing, etc. Volunteer form at

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Howloween Discord Server is LIVE!

Our event discord is now open for attendees to join! Not all things are available right now but come join us at !

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Howl2020 Catered Event Poll

NEW POLL: We're looking for feedback on a trio of potential new events for Howl2020 and want to know which you'd prefer! Click the link the vote!

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Howl 2020 Cartoons & Cereal Poll!

We've got a poll up about a potential Cartoons & Cereal event for #Howl2020 over at ! Please check it out and let us know if it interests you or not!