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Az / Alpha Male / Part of me is sleeping deep down within your soul.

Everything is better with HORNS n TAIL, right?
Commissions: Open
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Patreon is ONLINE!

Hell yo peeps, my Patreon account is online now - Please be aware due to Patreon exploit bug, you will get my artwork on the month you paid. Since the payment is due on the 1st of (next) month, then you will be able to get your artwork for the next month. eg. if y…

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Patreon Account is ready to launch

Hell-yo peeps, I will launch my Patreon Account (February 1st). Please be aware the change in upload resolution change is now in effect. Line Art* (720p) / HD version (720p / 1080p) will be available in Patreon. Some of my artwork will be have extra alternate version(s) that only accessible by $10…

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Patreon Account / Upload Resolution Changes

Hell-yo peeps. Patreon account is created. I'm currently trying to learn more about it. I do like the idea of patronage and I think it give another way for my follower to support my artwork. With this patronage in mind, I will make some changes in the upload resolution on how I submit artwork in al…

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Warning - Art Dump incoming

Will upload some of my art that missing from my gallery to here. I will do it in two part so it won't flooded the system.

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Growing Weasyl

Good morrow good gentles, I do think it's time for me to growing in this site. By grow I mean to make myself known in the community. You will found that I will favorite and watch people a lot. If you do know any good artist that I missed, please let me know. =D

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Commission is OPEN

I will accepts commission until my commission slot is full. ​I decided to open 6 commission slots this round, since today is my 24th birthday so 2+4 is 6 and today is 6/6 also >:) If you want my commission please read the description bellow and leave comment. ​Check this for PRICES and additional I…

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I'm here, mortal / Commission price (sneak peak)

I'm summoned by the massive furry force. With change made in space and time I'm able to materialize here. I must thank you for those quick favorites and watches. I do appreciate it and it made me feel welcomed here. For that I'm here, what is your wish mortal? Yours truly, -Az =-=-= ​Update : I wil…