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This is a total clustercuss.
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Yeah, whoops

I've been an idiot and neglecting this site (though it isn't like I was doing but favorite things on FA). Thankfully I have followed a BUNCH of new folks and I need to straight up support this community way more.

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Art uploaded! Question though!

Okay, I got all the Art Academy stuff up now. Whoo! Questions to my followers though: Should I upload my old photography stuff? I'm not super fond of it anymore and I no longer consider myself a photographer, but it is some of my more popular works. If I'm POSITIVE that the artist will not reupload…

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FurAffinity and Weasyl: A Plea

I feel like writing this journal after seeing one of FA's more well-known detractors lamenting how people are starting to go back, and they themselves may have to crawl on their hands and knees to get unbanned. Many artists joined up here, but the sad part is that not enough commissioners also made…

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Get To Know Me

What's your real name? nnnnope Names you go by? HT, honorablethief, Huck, Joe, Milo, Charlie, and "Fonz" (if you want to get punched) How old are you? 22. How old do you act/feel? I dunno, my age and below? Some people say I am mature for my age, but I dunno. How tall are you? About 5'10'' What's y…

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If nothing else

Weasyl allows me to choose whose journals appear in my notifications and also let's me choose not to see when people are streaming. About goddamn time.

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Oh hey! Here for real now~

I'm here for good now! Short of something terrible happening to this site, I believe I will become a permanent mainstay here. Thanks for coming to my page! I'm gonna work on uploading my art within the next few days, along with character pages and commissioned work I have gotten. I hope this site g…

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Hey guys. I'm gonna work on uploading some things in a bit.