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oliver / male (trans) / in my fedora

inject the vaporwave mmmm
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fanart friday!

im gonna try to do a thing that some other people doing, fanart friday. basicly, every friday I post a piece of fanart from my fave franchise =D this week is assassins creed! it wont be exactly on time for people who aren't in new zealand, so technically it will be fanart thursday. or just one fana…

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anyone wanna art trade?

I just got back from a kind of long holiday, and I dont really know what to draw haha. I can mainly do animals and humans, im working on furries but I would still love to challenge myself (as long as you dont mind a realistic animal head and body with not too much human resemblance) I got some help…

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the things I think of...

why am I thinking about god, and if hes real, or if theres a powerful being much smarter than us guiding us through evolution while painting a drawing of a raptor kid with no arms who wears a striped sweater in a glowing cave.

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new guy hahheueh

hi! so I just came here from deviantart, that place was getting really empty, and no one was talking to me. I really want to make some new friends here, it seems like a nice small community of people. so hey! (lol wut am I doing XDXDXXD*dying*)