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HelixJack / 27 / Male / Canada

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FA shit the bed again. I'm not part of the crowd that immediately jumps to the conclusion that FA's dead but it has got me thinking that a contingency plan might be in order. Well, I say "contingency plan" like FA is the preferred choice but unfortunately I've had to focus the most on the places wi…

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Gonna try to be more active here

I've been neglecting this account hard and after FA's recent DDOS attack it made me think about just how much better this site is constructed overall. I had stopped using it due to its lack of user-base but I realized that not using it was just contributing to that tragic issue. I'll start by posti…

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Hey there

Hey there, I'm helixjack. I've been operation on places like DA and FA for a long while. So I decided I might try my hand at a presence here on weasyl as well. As you may have already seen, I'm primarily a fetish artist with a taste for latex and rubber. But I draw work of all kinds. I also do comm…