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Sage / 34 / Non-binary / Huntsville, Alabama

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It's been a while.

I guess I'm back from my hiatus. Went through a lot of stuff in the past few months, good and bad, but I made a lot of progress. Here's my too-long-winded year in review, but feel free to skip over it. 2015 was real bad to me, real real bad. Medical crisis after medical crisis. The fallout from it…

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life update

partner and I had a very big fight a little over a year ago. relationship gone downhill since, wasn’t very good for many years. tried to bring up the status of the relationship several times in the past year, every time he either changes the subject or tells me he’s “not ready to have that conversa…

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Guys I need MORE MIITOMO FRIENDS please? I've been reusing my old photography on Miitomo and it's pretty great. Add me on twitter, , then hit me up on Miitomo if you're so inclined.

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Lack of activity.

Sorry about not posting for a while. I've actually taken some photos, went to a photo event even, but they're not things I can post here. Other than that, I've been really busy with.. well, life. I promise I'll go out and hunt for some good shots soon though.

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Yo, what are cons like nowadays?

I've been kind of toying with the idea of going back to a couple conventions. Like, I went to conventions for YEARS, literally over a decade of cons (staffing and attending), but that's how I got burnt out. Now that I'm older, I really can't handle the hyper teenagers trashing stuff, or even the hy…

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I just had to deal with my very first ~tumblr drama~

and I'm laffin but seriously I'm too old for this shit. My birthday is on the 17th, I'm gonna be 27, and that's just too old to deal with people getting up in my business over a photograph. first time for tumblr drama though. had to mark the occasion.

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I'm... alive? (It's a new year!)

Standard new year's journal: I'm alive, I partied hard, and then I caught a really gross cold that I'm still getting over. Didn't expect to make it this long though. Don't expect that every year. I have to say though, I got a lot of stuff off my chest right before the end of the year, opened up to…

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Question about waiting for commissions.

I’m not an artist, I can’t draw, so I would like some input from people who ARE artists. How long is an acceptable amount of time to wait for a commission? I 100% understand emergencies and delays, and as long as the artist I commissioned is in contact with me throughout any issues I am perfectly f…

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I'm alive. I've had surgery, failed treatments, suicide attempts, and just shit. shit in general. .. still alive.

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Back to TMS stuff, the megajournal.

TMS Update: Final: Well, after meeting with Dr. Hayden today to formulate a plan, the plan is now to just kill myself. Antidepressant-wise, I am completely untreatable. The ~new~ DNA test came back and told me exactly what I already knew from the last DNA test. Out of the five antidepressants I met…

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Short Break

My mom has been in the hospital for the past two days because she's stubborn and refused to call the doctor about pain she's been having. Her gallbladder was all screwed up, it was removed today in surgery, and also a liver biopsy was taken. She's home now, everything went well, but I need some tim…

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TMS Therapy (Health Related Stuff, feel free to ask me.)

Since my photography garners little to no attention, I thought people might be interested in a series of treatments I’m about to go through instead. Beginning Monday (July 13th) I will be undergoing TMS ( ,…

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Life Update, etc.

Just wanted to give a heads up on what's going on, and a little bit into the future. I typically don't talk about my health in great detail on here, but I'm about to undergo a major change in the treatment for my depression. We've reached the point where we have tried all available medications and…

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Use of photos for backgrounds (or refs or whatever)

Hey, so I know a lot of people stitch together random photos and paint over them to make backgrounds for their art. If anyone would like to use any of my photography for that, or photographs of animals for references, just let me know! It can be photos I've uploaded here, or photos from my website,…

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Artist Recommendations

I know no one will read this (because I have like five people watching me) but I've been holding back on commissioning people recently because I have a feral ref sheet being worked on by epicwang , and I really want to get more feral art done. As soon as it's completed though, I'll be looking for o…

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New Year Crap

So, I haven't been as active as I've wanted to be, but most of it stems from not wanting to post photography that has nothing to do with animals/furries. I see others do it, but this is a site for animal related art, and I really don't want to just post random things. I will admit that I have been…

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Finally made an account over here, it's about time!

I really didn't want to risk my favorite artists permanently leaving FA and me losing track of them, so I finally pulled my butt over here and set up an account. Even though I don't draw, I'm REALLY bad about uploading my photography anywhere other than my personal website. I'll try to post somethi…